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Metalmex – Instal is a company with 25-year-dealing experience in trade of steel wire ropes, lifting slings and construction business. Our  priority is to satisfy expectations of our customers as well as to process various projects, sometimes offbeat ones. The orders are put into practice immediately after notification. To fill the desired order effectively, we have the full scope of steel wire ropes being stored in our wire mill depot (the amount of the offered goods is about 400 tons). Every single item is certified with an appropriate test result which is provided upon goods delivery. Our customers are offered reasonable prices and rates. In addition, we guarantee free-of-charge-shipment if weightier and bigger purchase order is realized. Satisfaction and comfort of our customers is the prime pleasure for us.

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steel cables

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    Łęgska 3, 87-800 Włocławek, Poland
    tel. +48 54 231 46 60
    tel. +48 668 167 328
    e-mail: metalmex@metalmex.pl
    e-mail: technologie@metalmex.pl